platinium B


75 bottles (25 + 25 + 25)  |  3 flavours

Blended to perfection, these fibre-rich juices are designed to keep you feeling full for longer. Made with whole fruit and leafy greens, they provide a balanced meal or substantial snack option to boost your daily nutrient intake.

  • 75 bottles x $9.80 (360ml)
  • 25 bottles per selection of juice
  • mix & max 3 flavors from 8 different flavours of juices
  • free 6 x ice gel packs (Make sure your goods stay nice and cold throughout the delivery!)
  • free 3 x cooler bag (25 cups/ bottles)
  • free customised label designs
  • free islandwide delivery
To ensure the highest quality and protect the natural fresh pressed characteristics, flavour and colour – keep juices cool, refrigerate after opening. Shake well before serving.